Left-justified speculation

“Our hearts have been pigeons for too long — now we rise up as hawks to perch on the barstool of History.”

Our visions of the Future have long been filled with hope — and fraught with anxiety. For thousands of years humans have sought insight into the workings of the future and the truth of their fate. Out of such seekings have emerged many oracles and prophets. Almost all of those people are dead. Most of them were wrong.

I do not claim to make predictions about the future. The future is not monolithic, and it cannot be mapped out. I speculate, and I hope I make informed speculations. “I can already see where this is going…” I try to trace out possibilities and potentialities. I hope to be helpful and add my own little shove to reality in the general direction of beauty — and survival.

In order to speak of the future we need to have some idea of the past. History is a cultural product of supreme flexibility, and we have to beware of the stories and narratives we are told (and the ones we tell). If we do not contest history, we implicitly cede it to those who would turn it against us. “Even if you don’t care about history, history cares about you.” The history of the future is already being written, and we must not let it be scripted by those who do not have our best interests at heart.

Given the scale of our modern 7 billion-plus global society, most of us think our actions are too small to matter. But history — and therefore the present and the future — is emergent from our local, micro-political games. Small events feed into larger flows feed into larger movements which topple regimes and create new horizons.

The world is changing at an accelerating pace. This great mass has truly gargantuan inertia; we cannot hope to stop it. A new world presses against our backs, waiting to be born, and as it gasps and erupts there will be (are) many opportunities — where a little push can go a long way. There will be (is) simple scurrying in desperation not to get killed; there will be (is) great ‘profit’ potential, as old structures are swept away and new ones (some non-capitalist) created; there will be (are) openings in which to shove a wedge to widen spaces for freedom. The inertia of the present may very well blow up the past, creating moments of uncertainty — where past, present, and future meld into possibility.

This blog hopes to explore some of those avenues of escape.


~ by dejavuoracle on April 8, 2009.

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